Teledyne DALSA’s imaging technology began with the visible spectrum, but today extends far beyond it, from deep infrared through deep UV and all the way to X-ray frequencies.
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Teledyne has a cadre of cameras covering the SWIR portion of the spectrum to include both cooled and uncooled (TEC) products.

Teledyne develops and produces InGaAs detectors, single element and large format.

Teledyne has a final product deemed the Anacapa SWIR 640B which uses a TE cooled InGaAs detector hybridized to 15μm pixel pitch and 640x512 pixel format ROIC.

This camera has high speed windowing up to 13 kHz. Teledyne is in development on a 10e per pixel 1280x1024 InGaAs camera, the lowest noise camera in the SWIR market.

Our MWIR line of cameras called the Cruz Line include the Cruz MWIR 1280, Cruz MWIR 640A, Cruz MWIR 640B, Cruz MWIR 640G (95K operating temp), the Mini-HMIR Hot MWIR 640 with a folded optic (22-200CZ lens). All cameras come with standard "on-camera" processing.

Teledyne has a pour fill line of LWIR cameras built around the SBF 161 ROIC allowing the customer super high speed windowing for various applications. We also have closed cycle cameras built using MCT from Teledyne utilized in hyperspectral applications along with normal spectrum coverage LWIR cameras.
Teledyne is working on a 640x512 Mid/Long two-color camera accommodating a flexible state of missions and applications.
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