Mini Cruz 640-15

The Mini Cruz MWIR 640-15 is a 15μ pixel pitch and 640x512 pixel format using an InSb detector from SCD USA and FLIR 0403 ROIC. The operating temperature of the detector is 95K. This camera has NEΔT of 30 milikelvin and is ruggedized and tested to Mil-STD-810G and is qualified for gimbals and pan and tilt applications.

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Mini Cruz 640-15 Specifications
Type EPI InSb
Spectral Range Standard configuration is 3.6 – 4.9
(custom full range <1 μm – 5.4 μm)
Resolution 640 x 512 (w/windowing)
Pixel Pitch 15 μm

Electronics and Data Rate
Integration Type Snapshot
Integration Time <0.1 ms to 99% of frame rate
Dynamic Range 14 bits
Data Rate >32 megapixels/second
Max Frame Rate Full Window 100 Hz
SubWindowing >400 Hz - 320 x 256 window
predefined/user selectable

Performance Specifications
NEΔT <30 mK
Well Capacity 6.5 million electrons
Operability >99.5%

Camera Specifications
Sensor f/# f/4 (or custom)
Operating Temperature 95K
Standard Spectral Range 3.6 μm - 4.9 μm
Sensor Cooling Stirling closed cycle cooler
Cool Down Period 6:30 minutes @ 23 °C ambient
Lens Mount Bayonet (custom as needed)
Power 3.5 watts steady state (23 °C ambient)
cooler 1.5 watts (23 °C ambient)

Communication and Data Transfer
Command, Control, Data Output Camera Link
Software Nova IR GUI, SDK and API available

Physical Characteristics
Size 3” x 2” x 2.5” no lens
Weight 335 grams
Environmental Ruggedized to MIL-STD-810G

Bayonet Mount (fixed focal length or IR Zoom optics available)

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