Mini-HMIR Hot MWIR 640

The Mini-HMIR Hot MWIR 640 tactical camera is a 15 μm pitch and 640x512 pixel format using a HgCdTe or III-V Based Superlattice detectors that exploit technological advances in detector technology to improve size, weight and power for demanding tactical applications.

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Mini-HMIR Hot MWIR 640 Specifications
Material Type HgCdTe or III-V Based Superlattice
Spectral Range 3 – 5 μm, 0.4-5.0 μm if required
Resolution 640 x 512
Pixel Pitch 15 μm

Integration Type ITR, IWR, snapshot and rolling shutter
Integration Time 1 ms - 30 ms
Dynamic Range 14 bit
Max Frame Rate Full Window 30, 60 or 120 Hz max
Signal Processing 2 point NUC, BPR, automatic exposure
control, adaptive dynamic range

Performance Specifications
NEΔT < 20 mK (f/3.5)
Well Capacity 6.5 million electrons
Operability > 99.5%

Camera Specifications
Sensor f/# f/2.5 - f/4.5
Sensor Cooling Split linear or stirling closed cycle
Lens 25 - 200 mm continuous zoom
Power < 8 watts

Communication and Data Transfer
Command, Control, Data Output Camera Link
Software GUI and SDK available

Physical Characteristics
Size (without lens) 2" x 3" x 4"
Weight 270 grams
Environmental – 40°C to +70°C

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