Infrared Camera System for
Very Low Background Instrumentation

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Camera Components

Focal Plane Array (FPA)
Detector array integrated with Read out integrated circuit (ROIC) in a hybrid unit

LN2 pour filled dewar with no internal optics, other than a limiting cold aperture defining the F/# and a AR coated sapphire entrance window

Available in Sideward looking, Downward looking
or Upward looking options

LN2 Cooling System
Includes dewar interface bulb, hoses and tank valve

Control Electronics
Provide all clocking and biases to the FPA and digitizing array in multiple video taps at selected pixel rates

Data, Communication and Power

Temperature sensor/control electronics
Internally mounted temperature sensor and heater

Available Options
Power supply
Image acquisition system

nova TIS judson TSC TOOS DALSA Nova TIS Judson TSI TOOS Dalsa