Teledyne has a rich tradition of imaging throughout the electromagnetic spectrum, as exemplified by the camera products pictured herein. Most recently, Teledyne has focused its efforts on finished camera products for gimbal, scientific, and handheld applications.

Our camera products are optimized for size, weight, and power, as well as price. Our “on-camera” processing features empower the end-user by providing the crisp resolution, clean imagery and comprehensive information that facilitates better decisions.

Our quality and customer service is unmatched in the industry.


Products include spectral response in the visible, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR, Two-Color (in development), and Hyperspectral (in development) in varied pixel format and pitch. Our "on-camera" processing is unmatched resulting in products and images that are production ready for most any application.

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Featured Videos

Check out our "eye popping" video and pick out the camera that suits your need. Edge enhancement, auto detect and target tracking, pseudo color (with multiple pallets), Bad Pixel Replacement (BPR), Auto Gain Control (AGC), and our patented Automatic Camera Exposure (ACE) are all features that come standard in our cameras but can come simultaneous to raw data.

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Teledyne Acquires Remaining Shares of Nova Sensors...
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Teledyne Nova Sensors has developed a LN2 – Pour Fill line of cameras using Santa Barbara Focal Plane ROICs (SBF 161, 191,193, 209, 207) and FLIR ROICs (IDC 0403, 0002, 9809, 9705) all using varied materials targeted for your desired spectral response and application. We are expert and adept at accommodating particular camera requirements for a varied customer base.
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